Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway – July 11th, 2019

New Romney Station
And the Captain Howey Hotel, opposite (which we did’nt getto go in, sadly).
Being both Narrow Gauge, AND Miniature, where carriages are going to be small..
…Ok for little Shaz, but not so good for me…
… and some are really tiny! To be fair, I had to crawl over two other seats to get into this one, dislocating two knuckles in the process. Hence the extremely red face.

I suppose we need some pictures of the engines now, so in numerical order…

No1 Green Goddess: 4-6-2, built by Davey Paxman & Co in 1925

No6 Samson: 4-8-2, built by Davey Paxman & Co in 1927

No12 J.B. Snell: Bo-Bo, built by TMA Engineering in 1983

No idea at all…

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