Norbury Wharf Day Boat Trip – July 25th, 2019

A day out from the pub on the Intrepid, a 32 foot Day Boat on hire from Norbury Wharf. We travelled south again, to High Onn Wharf and back again.

“Intrepid”, our weapon for the day.
And again.
Obligatory “along the roof” forward looking
And looking back, we have John on the tiller, with Simon supervising.
Meanwhile, Margaritte supervises the catering.
There are some jolly looking moorings along here!
Shaz and Marg enjoy a drink, oblivious to the expensive targets just through the bridge.
A bridge, a bend and potentially a lot of expensive damage to cuase.
Luckily, John is on the case, and he only crashes into the bank!
The Navigation in Gnosall has my second favourite ale, but it comes at a price…
… while I was enjoying it, Defiant, one of the other day boats, over took us.
Lastly, at the end of the day: Victory (which had gone on the north trip), Intrepid, and The Shropshire Star.

Norbury Wharf’s website is at:

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