Norbury Wharf Day Boat Trip – September 9th, 2008

A day out from the pub on the Victory, a 32 foot Day Boat on hire from Norbury Wharf.

And of the Motley Crew:

Alan, Kev, Jeff, Steve, Big Dave, Tiny Trudi, Captain Black Beard (Tony), Little Debbie and Mel.
Big Debbie was holding the camera, so she gets a photo all to herself:

With Captain Blackbeard in charge, all are in safe hands.

Obigatory photos looking forward:

“Oi! No phones!”
“Thank you!”
Crew hide as Tony launches into a lecture about Roving Bridges.

More pics:

Alan and Trudi, who are no longer with us
Wusses shelter from the rain, while the Captain and Big Dave don’t care.
Someone HAS to do the Titanic thing…
Raining it’s arse off again!
Forlorn looking dayboat, as we shelter in The Junction Inn.

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